Small Intestine Study: Capsule Endoscopy


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Small intestine study


It allows us to study the section of the small intestine that can´t be visualized in the endoscopy or the total colonoscopy. It diagnoses the causes of intestinal bleeding, possible tumors, or small intestine lesions.

It uses a capsule with 4 cameras that takes 4 360° pictures per second of the small intestine, for further analysis by a specialist.


How do I get ready?


It´s important that you contact the health team to ensure an adequate preparation for the procedure and to follow the instructions given by the staff.  The study is ambulatory and takes 8 hours of recording, this means  that the patient assists to the facilities for the placement of the equipment and the beginning of the recording and he/she must come back after 8 hours for the removal of the equipment and storage of the study.

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