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Sleep studies

Our team counts with specialist in otolaryngology for the adult population, to bring a full coverage for different disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, parasomnias, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, sleep disorders.



Polysomnography is a study that determines how your organism works during sleep, using sensors that evaluate your sleep architecture, breathing pattern, oxygenation, snoring, cardiac rhythm, movement, and position. It is a simple, non painful and safe procedure done by a sleep technician in a Sleep Unit, with a further study by a specialist.


What do I need to do before the study?
  • Take your medicines like you usually do.
  • Wash your hair and have it dry.
  • Don’t use hair conditioners, gel, creams, oils, sprays, etc.
  • Leave non- essential valuable objects at home.
  • Don´t take naps.
  • Don’t use oils or creams in your face and body.
  • Don’t wear jewelry or make up.
  • Don’t consume food or beverages with caffeine (chocolate, tea, coffee, sodas, etc.)
  • Take your sleeping clothes (preferably two piece)

Outpatient respiratory polygraphy


Polygraphy registers the cardio-respiratory variable during sleep, nasal drainage, thoracic and abdominal movement, oxygen saturation, snoring, and position.

Depending on the pathology or the medical decision, the procedure can be outpatient (at the patient’s home).

This is advantageous, since the patient can be at his/her natural habitat, using their own bed and routines. The different sensors don’t bother at all and allow a natural rest.

The medical team studies the results and emits a diagnostic.


PAP (positive air pressure) adaptation workshop

PAP treatment will alleviate the respiratory tracts that are obstructed and that cause snoring and apneas during sleep. PAP treatment can dramatically improve the life of someone diagnosed with sleep apnea. Nonetheless, treatment will not work if not used.

In our PAP (positive air pressure) adaptation workshops our interdisciplinary team conformed by medical specialists, physiotherapists, and chief nurses will help you use the medical equipment the best way possible, and will solve secondary effects generated to achieve an adequate adherence.

Our Specialists


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