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La Carolina Medical IPS – Us

We are an outpatien institution of services in gastroenterology and digestive and therapeutic  endoscopy, with a medical team with  an extensive experience and high human quality.

All our specialists have more tan 25 years of experience in patient care, focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

«Our reason for being: Our patiens, their families, and their mental, physical wellbeing«




Meet our Work Team


Dra. Patricia Álvarez

Gastroenterologist – Scientific Director

Dr. Fernando Peñaloza


Dr. Jorge Ceballos


Dra. Andrea Piña


Dra. Claudia Toloza


Dra. Maura Rivera


Dra. Ana Maria Parra


Dra. Gimena Ramírez


Dra. Johanna Losada

Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Fernando Castiblanco

Coaching in clinical hypnosis and behavioral therapy

Nursing Team

Valeria, Natalia, Yensi, Ximena y Karen

Dra. Olga Uribe


Sandra Pérez y Jeaneth Angulo

Health Quality Advisors

Tatiana Quincos

Administrative secretary

Jefe Angela Guío

Clinical Coordinator

Santiago Idárraga

Administrative Director

Why Carolina Medical IPS?

Our team is constantly updated and the attention we provide is fully personalized and with human quality.

We have spacious and comfortable facilities equipped with the latest technology.

We have a preventive medical approach during our health care.

We carry out different academic activities for colleagues and for patients and their families.

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